Strike in Sweden Published 23 February 2019

The Swedish Dockworkers Union has advised actions of strike in the majority of the Swedish ports. The initial date of actions concerned the 23rd and 25th of January and to limited hours (2hrs). Concerned ports are Helsingborg, Sundsvall, Gaevle, Malmoe, Umea, Soederhamn and Karlshamn and for example Helsingborg port, as second largest port in Sweden, will stop working the actual dates between 09:00 to 11:00.

In response to the Swedish Dockworkers Unions advised actions of strike, the Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises have chosen to add a mirror
and consequence lockout. The lockout means that all members of the Dockworkers Union will be locked out of the workplace at the start of the strike and the remaining hours of the day.

The by far biggest port in Sweden, Gothenburg, are not subject for strike for time being.

Please contact us for any further details,
Henrik Bengtson