South China, Covid-19 and still increasinged Ocean freight rates

The closure of Yantian Port has had a detrimental effect on the other nearby ports, which are now suffering from the same scenario. Large amounts of export cargo […]

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Looking to a brighter 2021

Christmas is just around the corner, and after a year of turbulence we are now looking forward to a brighter future. We wish you nice and relaxing holidays […]

Covid and its implications in shipping

2020 is coming to an end and we can begin to sum up a very strange year both in sea freight and in many other areas. Lockdown in […]

Update C Land Logistics

Autumn/winter usually means typhoons in Asia & Southeast Asia and we have already seen a number that affect shipping lines and ports around Far East. The other week Sri […]

Continued strained situation

As we have previously informed via #News, the situation is still very strained in the industry. This applies to both equipment and space on the vessels from Asia […]

Airfreight Asia to Europe

We are witnessing an ongoing trend of demand for airfreight exceeding airline freight capacity. This is also the time of year when many global companies launch new products […]

Consequences for Covid 19 and PSS

A sharp decrease in demand as a result of the lockdown in the spring meant that the shipping companies quickly reduced their capacity through so-called Blank Voyage. At most, […]

Peak Season Surcharge

As an direct measure to Covid 19 the transport industry has changed by sharply reducing their capacity which means new and recurring challenges. One of these is now […]

Storms Ciara and Dennis affect the work at the ports

During the past weekend, the storm Ciara caused stops in several ports in northern Europe. Now the storm Dennis is expected to hit the work at ports in […]

We guarantee normal service despite Coronavirus

For preventive purposes, the authority has extended the leave over the Chinese New Year to the 2nd and 9th of February respectively. However, many employers recommend their employees, […]