Consequences for Covid 19 and PSS Published 6 October 2020

A sharp decrease in demand as a result of the lockdown in the spring meant that the shipping companies quickly reduced their capacity through so-called Blank Voyage. At most, it was over 40% of the normal capacity in port and despite a steadily increasing demand during the late summer, we estimate that there is still a lack of about 20%.

The above, in combination with the respective country / region’s situation around Covid-19 and new trade patterns where we see very strong growth in the USA, means that previous structures are affected.
Among other things, there is a very large shortage of containers throughout India, most major ports in China but also in other countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The shipping lines are taking action, but we anticipate that the situation will remain in the coming months and we can see deviations from normal service in the form of longer lead times.

In connection with measures, the shipping companies will announce additional PSS on all cargo from the Indian continent (Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) as of October 15, while the previously announced PSS from the
Far East to Europe will remain until further notice

LSF/ECA South Korea

South Korea’s Maritime and Fisheries Authority (MOF) has announced that Korea will also impose a legal requirement of 0.1% low-sulfur fuel to call at Korean ports.

The new requirement will be introduced on 1 November and means that the shipping lines will also apply an ECA / LSS to Korean ports.

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Henrik Bengtson